Last week, Jorge Javier Vazquez announced at soul bread who was a direct candidate in survivors for not having accomplished her penance of sleeping alone in the forest. The public voted between the possible punishments and this is the one that was chosen.

To it were added Asraf Beno, Adara Miller, Jonan Wiergo there Raquel Mosque. This Tuesday, in nobody’s land Two of them were able to breathe easy knowing they were saved.

Only four were boarding the star ship for the salute ceremony, so one of them was left without boarding and remained nominated until Thursday. That first contestant who was left with no hope of salvation was Raquel.

The others got on the boat frozen to death because it was very windy and the water was cold. Between two shivers, two of them fell into the water. The first to fall was Alma. Asraphe followed him. leaving Jonan and Adara as saved that they did not enter into the yes of emotion.

excited and grateful

Adara’s cries could be heard for miles. They did not hesitate to kiss and congratulate each other. She spoke, first of all, to apologize to the canaries because in the general knowledge test, she had not been able to write a single name of one of her islands. “This game makes me very nervous, but I love you very much“, he said by way of apology.

“Thank you for saving me, it’s incredible. I live it to the fullest. I consider myself a warrior and I want to keep giving my allThank you,” he said, shouting at the top of his voice.

Jonan also thanked him and added that “my roller coaster is going up, down, up, down, I’m a bit of a cuckoo, but a thousand thanks to all the people who support me, if i’m here it’s for a reason and i hope people know me well and that they convey what i want to conveyvery strong”.

They remain calm. The expulsion is between Raquel Mosquera, Alma and Asraf, who will receive a visit on Thursday from A Pantoja. We’ll see if we get back together or not.

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