This Wednesday, March 5 the covers of gossip magazines They are particularly hot. Everyone wants to know what is the exclusivity that Jorge Javier Vazquez wanted to share Conferences. But the one who is unquestionably the tabloid star of the week is Ana Obregonwho finally decided to introduce her granddaughter, Ana Sandra.

Want to know more? Here we leave you with a summary of the covers of today’s main gossip magazines:

the cover of Hey ! today

Hi! He brought forward the publication of his cover again like last week with a good reason: the latest news from Ana Obregón! The actress exclusively presented Ana Sandra and she revealed that she is not his daughter, but his granddaughter; Aless’s daughter.

“It was Aless’ last wish, to bring her son into the world,” he told the magazine.

magazine cover Conferences This week

Lecturas also opens a new week with a busy recovery: Exclusive to Jorge Javier Vázquez! After many rumors, the presenter finally announces that he is saying goodbye to Telecinco.

“I wanted to quit TV twice because I didn’t feel loved,” he said along with images of his new face without glasses. In addition, Lecturas introduces us to the wife of Ana Sandra, Obregón’s granddaughter.

magazine cover Ten minutes today

You haven’t seen it all yet! Diez Minutos opens its front page with fresher news from Ana Obregón’s family. Apparently, Lequio tried to avoid the presenter’s plans to be the mother of her granddaughter…but she failed.

Plus, we have never-before-seen footage of the kisses between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía in Barcelona, ​​now without Shakira; the appointment of Cayetano Rivera and María Cerqueira and love at first sight for Pablo Urdangarín.

magazine cover Pronto of this Wednesday

He soon opens his last issue with the operation of Paz Padilla on his vocal cords, but he does not leave aside all the drama of Obregón and gives us the details of this particular motherhood by gestational surrogacy.

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