This is the money that the Kings League and FC Barcelona earned for the last four at the Camp Nou

This is the money that the Kings League and FC Barcelona earned for the last four at the Camp Nou

Finally, the Barça ground was completely filled, having sold more than 90,000 tickets for the last four

Did you see last night the last four of the league of kings in the middle of Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s football pitch? The truth is that it was quite a sight that years ago it was impossible to think that we would end up living in the world of the Internet. Not only did the matches take place, but a few surprises were announced. I leave you below all the important messages related to the league and yesterday:

The most spectacular thing was to see how the whole Camp Nou was packed to see the Kings League final, really impressive numbers. And that it is the first time in history that this league is organized, which will surely come back every year and attract more and more spectators. Meaning they will generate a lot more money than they currently do, which has already been a savagery in itself.

The money generated in the Kings League final

There is currently no exact official data on how much money the league made with the Finals, but yes there are estimates which aim to be fairly accurate and which demonstrate the wild money they have earned:

  • Possess Iker Casillas points out that they went to Camp Nou 91,594 people, or at least, these are the tickets sold at Camp Nou
  • If an average is made of the value of each ticket, they would be around 40€ on average each
  • This multiplication… we would speak of the Kings League generated with the final and only with the tickets more than 3.6 million euros
  • 50% of this income goes to FC Barcelona, ​​​​for loaning Camp Nou for the last four, so the team keeps more than 1.8 million euros

What do you think of the large sum of money that the league of Prick? Did you expect them?

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