The Power of AI imagines what the Terminator remake would look like with Dwayne Johnson and Tom Holland as protagonists

The Power of AI imagines what the Terminator remake would look like with Dwayne Johnson and Tom Holland as protagonists

Terminator Is One Of The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time, But This Remake Wouldn’t Convince Me

terminator It’s one of the best movies in history, not counting its sequels, which went from plus to minus. maybe just Terminator 2: Judgment Day totally worth it with the first installment. Now well, do you think the way to regain fame is to make a to restart or a redo with other main actors? In my case, I doubt it, but the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is so immense that this powerful tool imagined it. And he did it with Dwayne Johnson there Tom Holland as protagonists, two actors who are fashionable and who could revive the franchise… Or not.

Dwayne Johnson and Tom Holland as the protagonists of the Terminator remake

Over the past few hours, you have surely seen in Twitter nail image of Pope Francis wearing a huge white coat. However, it is an AI-created photograph that has been converted into a fake news. It could happen with the montage that Artificial Intelligence has created on the redo by Terminator:

  • In these images, we see Dwayne Johnson In the role of Arnold Schwarzeneggerwith several montages in which he appears mounted on a high-capacity motorcycle and characterized as a robot.
  • also appears Tom Holland as a young protagonist, with a less natural result than that of Dwayne Johnson.
  • And the AI ​​also imagines Jason Momoa like T800 already Charlize Theron as Sarah Connorthe latter being the only signature that would suit me a priori.
  • Finally, Finn Wolfhard it might be John Connor in the redo of terminatorBut I wouldn’t be entirely sure.

The reflection that I make of these photographs is very simple. AI is here to stay, whether through ChatGPT or any other tool that will emerge over the next few years. However, we run the risk of falling into hoaxes and fake news like these images of Pope Francis that have been circulating for a few days on social networks. That’s to say, you have to know how to discern between what is real, and what is the result of Artificial Intelligence.

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