The world of mods is wonderful, it’s no mystery, and even if seeing Mario shoot inhuman monsters in Resident Evil 4 Remake It shouldn’t surprise me because the community has ideas for everything, the truth is that yes, it surprised me. You already know that the remake of the fourth part of the saga of Capcom Put on sale just a few weeks ago, the title has become a real worldwide success.

That’s why if you managed to amass so many people, you can also find endless mods every crazier For Resident Evil 4 remake. In his day we’ve seen CJ before which is a custom with all the unpopular games they release but now that the movie is out Super Mario Bros., the time has come for Mario and Luigi play in a survival horror it has nothing to do with Luigi’s mansion.

The Ultimate Resident Evil 4 Remake Mod

They were companions of Rant game those who echoed the mentioned mod which is already available in Nexus mods. You can enter this link to download it and you will see instructions to install it.

As you can see, Mario completely replaces Leon, while Luigi replaces Luis. Both characters are stylized to more or less match the height and width of the replaced characters, though they are still considerably heavier than Leon and Luis by far. Despite everything, the result is very funny, and I’m sure that more than one will put on this mod just to see how Mario has a shotgun in his hand to explode the zombies.

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