Whoever was tipped to be Marvel’s next big villain is in trouble and now there are rumors that the role of kang It could fall on another actor. For those who don’t know, Jonathan Majorswho plays the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was arrested for domestic violence against a 30-year-old woman, who was hospitalized after injuries he allegedly caused her.

This is obviously something Disney and Marvel take very seriously, and according to various reports (thanks, Screen Geek), company spokespeople have met with Major’s agent and other representatives, but haven’t not yet made a concrete decision on its sequel. Still, it makes it clear that the actor’s future in the MCU is in jeopardy and that they would be “reviewing their options and possibilities.”

What do you think of the fate of the Majors? Are Disney and Marvel right to distance themselves from him, and who could take his place as Kang the Conqueror?

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