This Saturday, March 25, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., we all have a date with sustainability. Throughout these 60 minutes, it’s time to turn off the lights to join Earth Hour, an initiative organized by the WWF to which, of course, the ECO of LOS40 also adheres.

LOS40, LOS40 Classic, LOS40 Urban and LOS40 Dance join the initiative. All LOS40 brands will be involved in Earth Hour through programs, websites and social networks, to amplify it and bring many listeners to join the WWF initiative.

In a world where we seem so dependent on electric energy, many ask themselves a question: what to devote this time to? From El Eco of LOS40, we offer some ideas:

Talk to yours. There’s nothing like a good conversation, and Earth Hour is the perfect time for it. No cell phones, no TV or internet. You and your partner, or you and your family or friends. Use this time for an interesting conversation about, for example, the future of the planet. Or whatever you want.

Go out and look at the stars. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with little light pollution, Earth Hour is the perfect time to get outside and gaze up at the sky. A practice that connects us directly to our ancestors and makes us rethink our place in the universe. This should be done from time to time.

Practice sex. They say that during the famous blackout that left New York City without power in 1966, thousands of children were conceived. This was demonstrated by the fact that exactly nine months later there was an explosion of births. Can you think of a better time than a blackout to unleash passion with your partner?

Get out a board game. A fun board game by candlelight can be a real hit. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about strategy, skills or knowledge: the important thing is to have a good time in the company. And if when it’s time to turn the light back on you’re not done…why not keep going until you feel like it?

Exercise or meditate. You don’t need light to run. Earth Hour is a good time to dedicate it to body care. And if yours is yoga or meditation, there are few more appropriate times than this for it.

Read by candlelight. Another option for having a nice, quiet time is to light a few candles and immerse yourself in a novel. What more do you need to travel than a good book?

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