Alejandro Sanz presents his EP ‘Correcaminos’ with a fusion of pop, urban sounds and southern tunes

Alejandro Sanz presents his EP ‘Correcaminos’ with a fusion of pop, urban sounds and southern tunes

Alexander Sanz turns with live by everybody. But he made a stop along the way to delight his fans with a new release. It’s nothing more and nothing less than his EP roadrunnerwhich includes three songs: the namesake of Danny Ocean, When there Stolen.

The Madrid artist turns out to be one of the most versatile voices in Spanish pop, bringing together three different styles. In addition to the above, he dares to use urban sounds and the air of the south that he has always carried as his flag.

In the case of roadrunner, his theme with the Venezuelan artist produced by Alizzz, takes us in a new direction without fear and without restrictions. It’s a perfect song to celebrate and let go to the rhythm of its melody. “They call it work but ours is pure pleasure. Of the fetish musical misdeeds of my life, this one with Danny will be among my favorites. An artist with all the letters and exclamation points possible. An adventure song in recognition of the roadrunner we both carry inside that brought us here”said Alexander. “I toast with you, my brother, while we run at full speed”, he adds.

But that’s not all. Danny also gave her some kind words. “Alejandro Sanz is my favorite artist, imagine being able to collaborate with your favorite artist on a song you co-wrote with him. It’s magic. I don’t know how to honestly describe it. Beyond all the musical environment and artistic, to be able to share personally with Alejandro is an honor and a blessing”of.

The song also arrives accompanied by a video recorded in the desert landscapes of Mexico, from where they delight us with scenes full of positive energy and lots of good vibes.

As we mentioned in the previous lines, Alejandro’s EP arrives on his international tour, which has more than 60 confirmed dates and has sold 15. It will be in Spain during the months of June, July and August , so his most loyal fans have already activated the countdown to enjoy his songs live. And we’re sure there’s no shortage of those included in this EP.

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