Although it does not seem, Almost two months have passed since the start of Survivors 2023, the competitors are therefore at the limit of their strength. As much as the organization always gives them enough food to survive, it is not easy to stay outside 24 hours a day, to look for food to increase this basic crew and to face the complex tests for be leaders or get a juicy reward. Was it this situation that led Bosco to cheat?

Bosco and the “trap” he made in Survivors 2023

Let’s say that the competitors have won their reward event, being able to shower and take three objects out of their suitcases to accompany them during the rest of the adventure; Adara, Bosco, Jonan, Yaiza there Diego They were the ones who had the luxury of showering with fresh water (I’ve always done it in salt water), soap, hair mask and shampoo. And those 5 reward test winners could also rummage through their belongings to pick up three things in less than 60 seconds. It is here where boat he cheated.

The moment Laura Madrueño asks for an explanation of the trap that Bosco made

Laura Madruenoafter receiving notice from the organization, wanted to know: “Pirate Morgan tells me to show me your pockets. Did you keep anything inside?“. Instead of taking three items like the rest of the classmates, he took four:”It’s true that I didn’t count correctly…“, justifies the young man by specifying that he had done it on purpose: he had a comb in his hand, which he had hidden in one of his pockets: “You think he kept it unknowingly?“, asked the presenter to the rest of the survivors. Some agreed with boatothers took it…

I missed the count. It was my fault“, he admitted boat, but without specifying whether he had done it on purpose or not. Obviously, everything seems to indicate that the young man wanted to keep four objects and not three, so Survivors 2023 as an organization, they were quick to prevent this decision from putting them in a better position than their peers.

Survivors 2023 it broadcasts a new gala every Thursday at 10 p.m.; Sundays, Survivors: Honduras Connection, who does not let it be one more gala with tests and expulsions; and Tuesdays Survivors: last minute.

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