We are evaluating the possibilities of an official Sony release in the imminent month of May 2023

It’s been a long time since the last PlayStation Showcase. And no, State of Plays don’t count. The fact is that many of the exclusive games already announced in these mythical shows of 2020 or 2021 have already ended up being released, and there are only Marvel’s Wolverines there Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with others who are already around the corner like Final Fantasy XVI.

Well, the community not only expects to see more superheroes mentioned, but also they want to see what else they have on hand which has not yet been announced. It’s because of it play a PlayStation showcase, although who knows when. And that is why I bring you this post in which I will evaluate What is the probability that there will be a replay during the month of May. If it does not finally fall in May, we will talk about the probabilities that it will in June.

PlayStation Showcase odds in May


First, let’s talk about the rumors about the possibility of an imminent PlayStation showcase. And it is that most rumors point to a rerun in June rather than May. What would make me think then that this event would take place in May? GOOD it’s a rumour:

This rumor I just posted here was started by the same Jeff Grubb, so it sounded good:

  • Jeff Grubb He’s a well-known journalist who, as I said before, is well known for leaking a lot of information related to video games over the past few years
  • Well, in recent statements you said that a PlayStation showcase will be announced for May
  • Specifically, he said: “It’s safe to say that a PlayStation Showcase will take place in May”


Let’s see now when have previous PlayStation showcases been held. And the truth is that They have always been in June and September. That’s to say, a broadcast has never taken place in the month of May, so based on that fact, that pretty much reduces the chances of us seeing the event in the next few weeks.

Last chance for a PS Showcase in May

  • Well yes, I think there are. 30% chance of having an event in May
  • Actually, I would have put a much lower number, but the rumor started with Jeff Grubb raised it to 30%
  • However, I don’t upload more because I doubt that sony do not hold your event in June, because that’s when most companies organize their respective events, and therefore sony I would participate
  • However, there is also the small possibility that they will organize the event in May in order to get rid of all this competition

Finally, I think it’s much more likely to see a PlayStation Showcase in June than in May. What do you think? I read you in the comments!

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