Outraged and worried, they claim support from the Nicaraguan community and the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, which denounced the entry into the country of three officials of the Ortega Murillo regime, as members of the Nicaraguan Federation of baseball.

Roger Cataño, president of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, declares that “as defenders of human rights, we protest and denounce before the State Department the presence here of elements linked to the police for crimes against humanity”.

Among those who registered on March 6 to participate in the World Baseball Classic are Julio Sánchez, the police commissioner sanctioned for crimes against humanity, as well as Sandinista mayor Ebert López and paramilitary Edgard Zapata; they signed on to the team as directors, technical advisors and medical staff.

Marco Carmona, director of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights, said he was surprised “especially since they use tricks to enter through sport”. In this case, the three people who represent the national team are complicit in the crimes and tortures that have been given to Nicaragua”.

The Permanent Commission on Human Rights sent a letter to the State Department demanding compliance with the standing order barring any member of the Ortega-Murillo regime from entering the country.

This weekend, a sit-in is organized at 10 am in Miami, in front of the Marlins stadium, and against the presence of officials of the Ortega-Murillo regime.

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