One of Europe’s esports rivalries ended in an amazing game

KOI and Karmine Corp have always had a great rivalry favored by its owners, Ibai and Kammeto. These are two teams of streamers who were born very close in time and who, since the creation of KOI, have had several clashes, both sporting and community.

Unfortunately, KCorp failed to break into the LEC this year despite speaking with different teams and reaching different deals. For what we can only see the clash of Spain and France in the EMEA league of Valorant.

From laughter to regret

all it started out very funny, Kammeto sent to each of the Ibai a huge “photocall” (or something like that) with his team logo and a video telling him they were going to beat him. KOI replied by sending Kammeto a taxi to his defeat.

In addition, the two owners atthey dress up if they lose. If KOI lost, Ibai would dress up as a frog. If Karmine Corp lost, Kammeto would lose like a fish. A harmless bet to add more excitement to the game.

KOI and KCorp were tied on the coffee table of the VCT with a victory, although the Spaniards with one game less played. It was a party at life or death where the winner remained in contention for the playoffs.

He meeting was amusingthree adjusted cards. Getting to the final rounds not knowing who would win. Even if the level of the series was not at its highest, the emotion that the two presidents put when broadcasting the match was crazy.

But… all good things must come to an end and KOI lost. Kammeto celebritybrando and I lamented. These were a few reactions at a time:

Wins are always easier to manage sentimentally than defeats. After the match, the French made memes and content on the networks, nothing excessive. Even if there are always fans who cross the linebut on the organizational side everything was very correct and friendly with a little beef to maintain the rivalry.

Ibai didn’t react in the best way, with this gesture and the following words scorning the rival. It’s normal for him to be angry, and he’s said on several occasions that it’s hard for him to deal with the frustration of seeing “his son” lose. At the end, Ibai is so successful He’s not used to these things. But, personally, I feel sorry for him and it makes me uncomfortable when I see him angry or belittling his rival. I hope you can improve your way of dealing with defeats.

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