One more Wednesday, we bring you the covers of major gossip magazines. This week’s tabloid protagonists are once again Ana Obregon and his new life in Miami, Jesulin from Ubrique and his signature at an acquaintance reality or the tears of Terelu Campos for the delicate health of his mother.

If you want to know more about gossip, we leave you here the covers of today’s gossip magazines, wednesday april 12 from 2023:

magazine cover Hey ! today

Hey ! start a new day with an interview and an exclusive meeting with Maria Zuritawhich, for the first time, opens up to tell her story as a single mother: “My only fear is that something will happen to me and that Carlos will be left alone.”

In addition, they bring us all the details of how Holy Week has been for Princess Leonor, the absolute protagonist of this holiday. They also show us images of a most endearing family; Maria Garcia de Jaime and Tomás Paramowho present their third child.

magazine cover Week of this Wednesday

If you wanted more, we also bring you the coverage of Week; that this Wednesday opens its number with Ana Obregon and news of his life in Miami with his daughter and granddaughter Ana Sandra.

But that’s not all. They also bring us an exclusive succulent: Jesulín de Ubrique has signed for the eighth edition of Celebrity MasterChef! And, as it could not miss, we see more images of the lovebirds Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel, with an unpublished image of the expected kiss.

magazine cover Conferences This week

Conferences delights us with unique statements of Yulen after breaking up with Anabel Pantoja: “His jealousy and insecurity overwhelmed me.” This is just one of the many bombshells he throws at his ex-partner.

Princess Leonor, her current state of mind and Terelu’s tears are the other protagonists of the magazine’s cover this Wednesday. Want to know more? Run to your booth!

magazine cover Ten minutes today

Terelu Campos He was one of the characters who caught the most attention during the last Easter holidays. The presenter was visibly touched in the processions in Malaga and the obvious reason for her tears was her mother, María Teresa Campos.

Likewise, we see more crosses between Ana Obregón and her ex-husband Alessando Lequio for the maternity of the animator at 68 years old: “I’m not talking because that’s what my son Aless would like”. And, if you’re interested, know who Almudena Cid’s new boyfriend is, Ten minutes brings you their latest photos.

magazine cover Pronto of this Wednesday

Eventually, Pronto brings us the most unknown details of our Queen Letizia, from his gastronomic tastes to his early years as a journalist. If that doesn’t seem like much to you, take a look at the information they have about the mysterious disappearance of David Bisbal’s brother, who has already been found.

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