travel with chester, the Cuatro program presented by Restaurant Mejidesays goodbye to another season with a special program in which the publicist has addressed some of the stigma and prejudice in relationships where there is a big age difference.

To discuss this delicate subject, the presenter sat down on his sofa four famous people who have lived this experience: the actress Melanie Olivareswho had a relationship with a man 16 years her senior in New York; pelayo diaz, ex-partner of the late designer David Delfín; journalist Pilar Raholawho has been with the same person for 25 years of which he is ten years older and the businessman Javier Rigauthe widower of Italian star Gina Lollobrigida, 34 years her senior.

Despite the fascinating and gripping testimonies of his guests, they were not the only ones with something to say. The theme of the show ‘Love without age’ was not accidental and Risto Mejide took the opportunity to talk about his own experience as the ex-husband of Laura Scanesmother of her daughter, for whom has always received criticism due to the 22 years between them.

In fact, the publicist saved one of the attacks he suffered a year ago, while attending a signing session in Barcelona for Sant Jordi. in the space of travel with chesterthe presenter showed the chilling anonymous note left for him: “Is she (Escanes) very mature for her age? Or are you very pedophile?”.

Risto Mejide’s reaction to criticism

Inevitably, the presenter spoke of the many blisters that he raised by his last couples – Laura Escanes and his current girlfriend, a 26-year-old girl – and the prejudices of society. In this sense, Mejide wanted to respond: “Does this person have no criteria for choosing who falls in love? This relationship from the beginning, just because there is an age difference, is tainted by the prejudices of others and that is what I denounce.

But that wasn’t the publicist’s only claim. Taking advantage of the context and the environment, Risto Mejide broke his silence and responded to a close friend of her ex, Escaneswho criticized relationships with a big age difference.

This is Sindy Takanshi, a cyberactivist, who gave his opinion via his TikTok channel: “The moment you are above the experience of life, it is much easier for you to handle them more easily. There is an abuse of power here., the one who gives you fame and age. If you use that power in all of your relationships as a claim, that’s what’s really dangerous.”

In addition to giving his guests the opportunity to comment, the presenter gave his opinion and was very direct: “What bothers me is that this girl is friends with my ex. When she says “and other relationships she has had with each other that are not known”, she is revealing things that are intimate to me”.

Thus, Mejide explained that this information was entrusted to him in his private life. “What bothers me is that to attack me in such a childish and rambling way, he is using private information (…) A person who has been around me, in an environment where you relax and talk about things, which you never thought would be used publicly”, he concluded.

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