There is no party without LOS40 Dance. And it is that our DJs are in charge every day of filling our lives with electronic sounds that never go out of style. In fact, you can hear them again on the charts all over the world.

Also. Thanks to the company you keep everyday José M Duro and Arturo Grao, you are already 58,000 listeners that you connect every day. Information that the first wave of General Media Study (EGM) of 2023 and which exceeds that obtained during the second wave of last year. Dance has a new hit!

And now that summer is fast approaching, we all like to enjoy a shot with friends, whether it’s at the beach, in the mountains, in a beautiful garden or at home. But what is clear and cannot be missed is the music. But if you listen to LOS40 Dance, you don’t have to worry, because we will always have that indispensable ingredient: the dance hits of the moment and those that have marked history.

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The whole LOS40 family is celebrating. The mother of the community once again outdoes herself and breaks her own record from 2014. There are already 3,382,000 daily listeners who listen to current topics. But that’s not all. Our brothers from LOS40 Classic celebrate their 718,000 daily listeners and our more Urban brothers, 366,000 listeners. Besides, You yes! It is the most listened to musical morning on the radio in our country with 2,073,000 daily listeners.

At LOS40 today, we celebrate. Thank you for accompanying us!

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