Baby Rexha continues to promote his new studio album, Babe, which will be released in just a few weeks. For this reason, this same Thursday, April 20, he will premiere his new single, which is a collaboration with Snoop Dogg under the title of Satellite.

The artist and the rapper promoted the premiere of the song through their various social networks. However, the way of doing it did not please everyone, including some followers of the artist herself who filled her posts with reviews.

This barrage is due to the fact that, as expected, the issue between Snoop Dogg and Bebe Rexha was born surrounded by smoke. We imagine you catching up with us where we are going. And not only does its design and theme seem to be related to smoking weed, but in a video we could see how the soloist lights one for the soloist.

“That’s some good shit,” the American can be heard saying a few times after taking a puff. Beyond the fact that many believe that it is a performance and not drug use in front of an audience, others have criticized the interpreter for this image around his new song.

Only on the first page of comments and replies to the Instagram post are there messages like these: ‘That wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card’, ‘People all over the world suffer everyday from drugs and you artists are setting a bad example. Unsubscribe on 3, 2, 1…”, “Smoking is uncool. Please don’t smoke” , “Stop the drugs” or “this is the image that Bebe Rexha wants to show to the younger generations: that smoking weed is good”…

As they say, in the face of the barrage of criticism that the interpreter receives, many have come to his defense, assuring that it is simply a performance to promote the song from his new album, taking advantage of this fame of Snoop Dog. Thing is, on TikTok, the singer didn’t fare much better after posting an image asking people to guess her weight.

Although Bebe Rexha has always shown her physique in a natural way and has criticized those who do not conceive of dressing her because of her curves, it does not seem like the best way to distract attention from women’s physique by posing questions about their weight. …

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