Lately I’ve been fascinated by the way Twitch flirts with the world of television by using the latter’s formats to present its own programs, which is promoted thanks to the work of some streamers, such as Ibai and many of his follies. , between that Disaster Chefs 2 highlights. But this time I want to focus on a different streamer; being TheGrefg the one who will occupy our attention along the same lines.

The thing is that his LeGrefg announced via his Twitter account that the mythical Un, Dos, Tres contest returns after almost 20 years and best of all, he can be seen through his Twitch channel. Then I leave you with all the details you need to know about it.

TheGrefg will be the presenter of the new edition of Un, Dos, Tres

  • LeGrefg announced that she would soon present the new edition of this mythical contest
  • The bad thing is that still You did not specify when the first program will take placebut everything indicates that it will be soon
  • What is known is that he will broadcast it for free on his Twitch channel
  • Here is the link with which you can access it

What was the Un, Dos, Tres contest about?

  • The original One, Dos, Tres competition was established in 1972.
  • It ran for 10 seasons and all of them aired on TVE
  • The operation of the contest was very simple: the presenter asked a question related to a specific subject and Candidates had to answer with all the words that came to mind concerning the same
  • For example, if the presenter asked what types of fruit they could think of, the contestants had to give all the names they knew. of them in a 45 second section
  • If the competitors they repeated a word or it had nothing to do with the topic, time stopped and the round ended
  • The contest had several phases in which pairs of contestants were eliminated and the last one standing won the program prize. The maximum price they could get was a car or a trip
  • This contest ceased to air on television in 2004

Who is TheGrefg?

TheGrefg is one of the most successful streamers out there right now of the Spanish-speaking community. He managed to rise to the top with his Youtube videos, but now he’s rocking it with his Twitch channel featuring all kinds of live content.

I will keep you posted on any news that arises around this new edition of Un, Dos, Tres from TheGrefg to tell you when the first program will air and how it can be seen.

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