Ai Hoshino es”Oshi no Ko“, anyway; because the story begins with her being an idol with enormous potential, and because the story continues with the moment of his murder as what drives the lives of his children, Aqua and Ruby. Indeed, the first episode of the anime leaves a hectic story that throws into the air the big question of who Aqua and Ruby’s father is, something that is still surrounded by questions. However, what we can talk about is who carried out his murder.

Why was Ai killed in Oshi no Ko?

  • Ai is an idol of Oshi no Ko, a popular figure in an entertainment industry that creates a very loyal fanbase… the problem is when fans go beyond healthy support.
  • Ended up “winning” a stalker who, supposedly, through Aqua and Ruby’s father ends up echoing all the stages of Ai’s private lifeincluding your pregnancy.
  • When Hay goes to Gorou’s (Aqua in her previous life) hospital to monitor her pregnancy, the stalker echoes the situation, and automatically he feels betrayed by Ai. It’s so that he ends up giving the death of gorouwho is pushed into the void on a mountain by this same stalker.
Ai’s time of death with her twins
  • The stalker’s actions, however, continued years later with the twins already part of Ai’s life and attempts to resume her idol career.
  • The stalker ends up he comes to feel so betrayed as a fan by Ai and her pregnancy that he decides to kill her by stabbing her.

Who killed Ai?

  • The truth is that the identity of Ai’s killer, who is the same stalker who ended Gorou’s life, it’s not really a mystery.
  • The stalker is known to have responded on behalf of Ryosuke, and had attended many handshake events with Ai.
  • It’s something we’ve known for sure since Ai herself recognizes it the moment she sees his face after being stabbed. After a speech in which Ai, despite everything, declares her love for her fans, Ryosuke loses his mind and ends his life. With Ai dead and the killer having taken his own life, the investigation into the idol’s death is completely closed.
aqua oshi no ko
Aqua, determined to find out who drove Ai’s killer to end her life
  • However, Aqua obviously has a completely different opinion. While it is known who murdered Ai in terms of the action, it is completely unknown who leaked the information to the stalker. to the point of motivating him to take the life of the idol.
  • This is precisely what Aqua intends to do with her life: investigate more than a dozen different producers who may have been linked to Ai during its trajectory, and among which must figure the father of the twins who is the same who, “behind the scenes”, ended up orchestrating the death of Ai.
  • In order to get the information Aqua needs (which basically consists of DNA tests that eventually give ‘match‘ with the one who will be his father) will remain active in the entertainment industry, either as an editor or even as an actor.

Obviously, if it was about who stabbed Ai, the reality is that the plot of “Oshi no Ko” would have fizzled out long ago. However, Aqua’s attitude shows him dissatisfied with the outcome of the idol’s life on all levels. The journey will be long, but Aqua won’t stop until she finds the one who gave Ai’s killer everything he needed to finish her off..

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