The Basque content creator hasn’t revealed if he will act or if he will just be there, but he assures that we will find out soon

The Evening of the Year 2021 was milky, but even more impressive was The Evening of Year 2 in 2022. But hey, we expect that with The Evening of Year 3 Ibai will surpass himself even more. As you know, this is the biggest event of the year when it comes to the world of streamers, as several boxing matches featuring famous content creators take place. And this year is strong.

However, today I do not come to talk about those who fight, but about the artists expected at the Year 3 Evening. Hardly any have been officially introduced yet, but they do. It has been speculated with several, that you can see through this link. Today, however, I come to talk about an official confirmation from Ibai.

C. Tangana will participate in La Velada del Año 3

He’s been through one of the last shows of River in his twitch channel where he confirmed the following news:

  • revealed that C. Tangana will be in Le Soir de l’An 3
  • However, he says that I couldn’t tell how or in what way it will be since it would be considered a spoiler
  • Of course he says it’s something that It will be officially unveiled very soon. In addition to this, it is expected that tomorrow May 4th it will be officially revealed which artists will participate in the Basque content creator event

For now and unfortunately, there is not much more information than what has been revealed. Of course, the fact that C. Tangana is present at the event will have many of the singer’s fans waiting for the broadcast. What other content creators do you expect to see appear at the event?

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