Of all the anime released in the last month, the ones I like the most are Kimetsu no Yaiba and Oshi no Ko, but there are also others that gradually won me over to the point of completely clinging to their story. These are the cases of Mashle and Jigokuraku.

The anime adaptation of Yuji Kaku’s great manga made by MAPPA is causing very good feelings among fans and newcomers to its story. Gabimaru and Sagiri’s Journey in Heaven in search of the Fruit of the Elixir follows the same pattern as a PvPvE video game, in which the characters face each other while dealing with environmental hazards. I like the approach and the characters, but this time I want to focus on creature designs.

Kaku-sensei does not hide his love for Berserk and Chainsaw Man

  • Seeing what kind of monsters inhabit this “heaven” that looks more like hell on Earth, it became clear to me that Yuji Kaku drew inspiration from other great manga such as Berserk and Chainsaw Man to develop his designs.
  • Yes, in Jigokuraku they have a Shinto and Buddhist touch, however their compositions seem literally taken from the work of Kentaro Miura: demons or gods that have characteristics of animals and humans
  • In Hell’s Paradise we find clear examples such as the butterflies with human faceTHE centipedes that have human fingers instead of legs or the giants who have arms instead of eyes
  • Chainsaw Man also features similar designs for his demons, and indeed many readers of the book have accused Kaku-sensei of plagiarism; what these people did not know is that the author of Jigokuraku was one of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s assistants (creator of CSM) when I was working on Fire Punch
  • In fact, Kaku has always declared himself a big fan of Berserk and today he has a great relationship with the author of Chainsaw Man, it is normal that it is inspired by the works of such manga masters

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