As the world debates the good or bad use that artificial intelligence can contribute to the development of society (films have already alerted us), many people use it to satisfy their musical curiosity.

Because how would our favorite song sound in another artist’s voice? Until now, the answer to the question depended on being encouraged to make a release. Now it’s up to the user to decide what they want artists to like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson…

Among the versions that we always dream of hearing from all these artists, there are thousands of combinations. And YouTube and TikTok are full of plenty of examples. Fictional songs that carry, for example, a deceased artist as The King of Pop comes back to life to perform songs like Get Lucky by Daft Punk or Treasure by Bruno Mars. Questions that hadn’t even surfaced when Jacko died.

It’s not an isolated case, as we said, and it works both ways because there are also versions of artists like Rick Astley in The Weeknd performing songs like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. No one is spared: the Beatles, the Stones, Radiohead….

Artificial Intelligence tools make it possible to recreate any singer’s voice from their musical recording of hundreds of songs to shape the lyrics of a new song by adapting its tone, timbre and even language to the voice generated by AI.

Can you imagine what Levitation would sound like in Ariana Grande’s voice? What if Mariah Carey had sung I have nothing by Whitney Houston? Would Dua Lipa have succeeded in playing Rihanna’s Diamonds (composed by Sia)?

All these fake songs are already on the web just a click away and make millions of music lovers dream that anything is possible. Some results are too idealized. Others are amazing. And always to the taste of the consumer because other users whose curiosity gives us these impossible songs play for them.

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