Bosco Blach Martinez Bordiu He was one of the least known competitors of this edition of survivors. Following following Ignatius of BourbonHe was one of those jet set kids with a well-placed family. Who does not know Pocholo, his uncle?

The fact is that he quickly began to play a certain role when he finds himself a rebel capable of turning a deaf ear to the recommendations of the organization demonstrating his physical gifts, even putting his own health at risk.

He did it right from the jump from the helicopter, which, although it is expressly forbidden to do it with a somersault, he ignored and we left everyone speechless when he jumped into the sea.

And this audacity is what we have seen in each of their tests, with special mention to the apneas which completely dominated them. This week, he has once again become the leader of his group after having lasted the longest underwater and, what is more, with a calm and arrogance worthy of applause.

The messages applauding his gesture under the water did not fail. It is clear that in this test, he has no rival.

jump in the water

It’s not the only moment we have left this week. In the location test, he starred in another one of those jumps in the sea that leaves everyone hypnotized. It was a duel against Asraf Beno. They had to go through an obstacle course. The first involved climbing up and down a net, but jumping straight into the water so as not to waste time descending.

The public has once again valued these gestures that he delivers to us without making too much of a show.

deletion contested

But this test was not without debate. In a ring hall, you had to go to the bell and ring it. He did it first, but was disqualified for touching the sand before doing so. An elimination that part of the public has not finished loving that it was reported on social media.

Bosco has succeeded in conquering part of the public who complain about the few videos devoted to him despite the great survivor that he is.

Adarists against

Despite everything, there is another sector that is beginning to take a dim view of it, that of the adaristas. This week, as leader, he nominated her again. And this, with a gestural consultation at jonathan This generated a lot of suspicion.

Some believe that acted on the influencer’s instructions and she allowed herself to be manipulated and others criticized her for having said a few hours earlier that she regretted having nominated her last week and, this Thursday, however, she did it again.

Attention, the followers of Adara Molinero have a lot of weight.

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