If you wanted to see a game like this from the creators of Ghostwire: Tokyo, it might already be in development.

Maybe some of you don’t know the name of Tango Games, but they sure know their games. They are the creators of works like The Evil Within and, more recently, Ghostwire: Tokyo and the impressive Hi-Fi Rush, it’s a crazy game. So yeah, if these guys are working on a new game, it’s probably a really good game. The thing is, with Hi-Fi Rush very surprised, because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what we saw in The Evil Within there Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The thing is, stepping out of that comfort zone worked really well for them, so now I wish that Tango do the same thing again, i.e. do something different, something new that we don’t expect from them. The first thing to think about is in the genre, and it’s true that they’ve never made a JRPG, so… Why not? well what is it an insider assured.

A Tango JRPG?

has been in Reddit where the rumors started by a well-known insider called eXtas1s who is attributed to have fled in his time Overdose and remasters of Baten Kaitos.

  • Well in one of his videos he said that Tango working on a new title
  • He says it will be a JRPG
  • However, many might think that, even if it is like this, it could be sequel or spin-off of some of his famous sagas
  • However, the insider assured that at least, This is not The Evil Within 3

What do you think? Do you think that’s true or is this insider pulling an amazing hat-trick? Whether this is true or not, I would be very happy to see that Tango working on a JRPG. I’m sure something very pleasant will come out of it.

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