The pledge was a complete success; The 1 looks for 4 stars to be also at another time

It is obvious that Spanish fiction has returned in full form to 1 of RTVEespecially after The promise be a success in the afternoons of the public channel and that Hunting: Guadiana not be the failure that many predicted. Following the daily format, the entity has confirmed in the last hours the date and time of the premiere of 4 stars, his new project access time with which to compete against the proposals as established The anthill, Intermission oh First dates.

When will the premiere of 4 stars, the new daily series of La 1 de RTVE?

  • 4 stars opens on Sunday April 23 at 10 p.m. on La 1 on RTVE.
  • Unlike the other versions, this it will be simulcast. What do you mean? That the first episode will be broadcast at the same time on La 1, La 2, Clan and RTVE Play. In other words, on Sunday April 23 at 22:00, you have a full appointment on RTVE.
  • From the next day, bets will be placed on this slot machine: Monday to Thursday at 9:50 p.m.just after tv news 2 and before the proposals of prime time (you say, MasterChef, Doctor García’s patients there The hunt).
4 stars has a luxury cast to be a series of access time

4-Star Synopsis, Trailer, and Cast

A family runs a hotel that has just been awarded its fourth star, but after the death of Ricardo Lasierra, its members discover that Clara was their secret daughter… However, some will try to separate her from the family business. How is this going to end?

Toni Acosta, Dafne Fernandez, Antonio Molero there Antonio Resins (this last episodic) are just some of the actors who will be part of 4 starsthe new daily series of 1 of RTVE and his biggest bet yet for the access time.

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