The first details of the new season and the first participants have already been confirmed

Like I told you recentlyexactly last week there is already a new Disaster Chefs on the way and it will start on April 19, that is, in a few days, leave. Thus, Ibai Llanos will once again bring together a group of content creators in the kitchens of the program, where many They have already demonstrated their ability for the show and for the kitchenalthough there are not so many in many cases.

Anyway, don’t think there aren’t any details on what his first program will be, since yes there are and i think most football fans will like them very much. Now that wasn’t the only Some points were revealed that many of us already took for granted for this new edition of the successful Twitch show.

The first program of the new edition of Disaster Chefs will be dedicated to the Kings League

  • To start, this second season will again have Masi as presentersomething we saw coming, given their great turnout last year.
  • And be careful, because, as I’ve dropped before, the first program, which will take place on April 19, will be thematic. Concretely, it will be a crossover with the Kings League.
  • Therefore, we will be able to see next Wednesday six couples who will represent a team in the leaguethe one in which we can also find Ibai with his club, Porcinos.
  • with this movement they will surely gain a lot more viewership thanks to the success of the Kings Leaguealthough also it will serve the league to promote the second edition of the Championship and the recent start of the Queens League.
  • Regarding the fact that this program is thematic, it should be mentioned that It is unclear if this will be normal or something specific for the premiere. We’ll see how that plays out.

These are the participants of the first program of the new edition of Disaster Chefs

Exactly, having said all that, I’ll leave you with who will be the participants of the first Disaster Chefs programwhere will you find the Kings League club representatives. Let’s bother

  • Representing pigs: Gemita, the president of Porcinos for the Queens League, and Hugo Fraile, one of his players.
  • Representing the trunks: Perxitaa and Violeta G.
  • Representing the xBuyer team: Javi and Eric Ruiz, the Buyer brothers.
  • Representative El Barrio: Adri Contreras and María Teresa, the club president’s mother.
  • Representing Rayo de Barcelona: Spursito and Kiwi.
  • Jijantes representative: Gerard Romero and Victor Navarro.

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