I still have to go to the movies, get a good order of popcorn and sit in an armchair to enjoy the new Super Mario Bros. now not only as a fan of video games, but also of Super Mariowith whom I will have, as I am sure many of you, grew up with him and of whom you keep very good memories.

When Nintendo and Illumination decided to announce the launch of the super mario bros movie, we were eagerly waiting for it to hit the big screen, as every new image we saw had little taste for us. And today, a few days after its theatrical premiere, more precisely on April 5, we know that was the animated film with the greatest reception, surpassing Frozen II.

Record box office figures for Super Mario Bros.

  • The Super Mario Bros movie was expected to be a hit, but not at this level.
  • The great reception that the Nintendo and Illumination film had, It has been in fashion and only 4 days have passed since its premiere.
  • here are the figures collected at its opening on the big screen:
    • National: $204.6 million
    • International: $172.9 million
  • The sum of these revenues raises it to a total of 377.5 million euros.
  • The numbers that led to the huge success of the Super Mario Bros. at the box office, were offered by Benji-Sales via his Twitter account.
  • The creators of the film They have in mind to reach the figure of one billion dollars raised and they have no doubt that they will succeed.

What is clear about the reception the Super Mario Bros movie has had is that All the work carried out with great care, care and absolute delicacy ends up obtaining excellent results.. Another example is the The Last of Us serieswhich ended its first season on March 9 and is already gearing up to work on the second.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan on doing so, I encourage you to read the review about it and then pick up your ticket to see it at the cinema.

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