It was expected, it started as a rumor, but since February 24, women’s music sounds different. Rumors of a possible collaboration between Karol G and Shakira they made some noise, but since its release, it’s been a real bomb.

There is no one who can with them, the colombians keep breaking records with THQ, a stimulating theme that arises from the feeling of a rupture. Since this success was born, it has not stopped playing in all the nightclubs and no one has resisted commenting on this emblematic lyric which makes so many references to their exes.

Medallo and Barranquilla had never made so much noise; They’re on major platforms adding reproductions, they slipped into the Top 10 and got #1 in the world, and they continue to lead our men’s list, getting #1 for the second time in a row, what Do they need more to be crowned like the stars?

There is no doubt that THQ It’s become a global phenomenon, and so far it’s already made its way into the charts for the most streamed songs so far in 2023. However, it’s not just the verses of the song. song that have given matter to talk about since their release, but the video clip did not leave indifferent either.

Sequences that moviegoers could not avoid linking to certain key films in the history of cinema. The clearest reference is the truman show in 1998, but of course there are all kinds.

The making of THQ

Now it’s Karol G who wanted to open the trunk of memories and wanted to share with all her followers some unpublished videos from the filming of the video clip of THQ.

Karol G shares never-before-seen videos from the recording of ‘TQG’. / Instagram @karolg

First, the artist shared a selfie of herself in the mirror with the spectacular red dress she wore for one of the sequences in conjunction with her hair. After that, she posted a video of her little dog in front of the fire with the music video’s most iconic move and finally the final sequence with Shakira where a “we’ve got it” is heard.

The Colombian wanted to put an end to this succession of stories on her Instagram profile sharing a selfie with the other great protagonist of the song. A photo where we can see them both as happy as they are tired, Will it be from when the recordings are finished?

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