As PlayStation announces a slimmer version of the PlayStation 5, we have

Already at the end of March, an Australian store updated its PS5 tab to make direct mention of a Slim version, something that has made a lot of noise on social networks since sony He hadn’t announced anything yet. Well, as of today, he hasn’t announced anything yet, but other rumors have emerged and there are a concrete which indicates that the announcement of this new PlayStation 5 is imminent. Who, if you ask me, I see it very logical.

Especially because PS5 Slim has all the ballots to be released this year 2023, because sony it still released the Slim versions three years after its original consoles were released. Taking into account that The PlayStation 5 was released in 2020, 2023 would be the year of the Slim version. And with all the rumors going around, we now have an incredible design that shows in preview what can be expected from the new console in terms of design.

This design shows what we can expect from the PS5 Slim

Then I leave you the image with the renewed design of the console, so that it can be a glimpse of a PS5 Slim and its design. It’s here!

  • As you can see, features a much smaller and slimmer design, and also more symmetrical
  • I would continue to keep its characteristic base so you can position the console horizontally or vertically as you wish
  • It would also retain other features of the current PS5, such as the colored lighting that emerges from its central area when switched on, on, off or at rest; or also the PlayStation logo on the upper back
  • What do you think of this design? Leave it to me in the comments!

Everything we know about the PS5 Slim right now

General informations

As for official information, we do not know absolutely nothing of a slimmer version of the PlayStation 5. What is clear is that this will be a thinner and smaller version of the console, which is already great on its own. But it’s no secret since that’s what the Slim versions are all about.

Release date

There is no official knowledge of the release date, but all rumors They are aiming for the end of 2023, possibly in October-November, before Christmas. This would also fit the pattern he always does sony with Slim consoles (for example, the PS4 Slim was released 3 years after the PS4, so with all generations of PlayStation consoles).

announcement date

There is also no official knowledge of when might they announce PS5 Slim. However, rumors suggest that the announcement is imminent. What is more interesting is that most likely in June we will have a PlayStation showcase Very important. It was at this same event in June 2020 where they showcased the PlayStation 5, so if this event takes place, It is 100% sure that they are teaching PS5 Slim there.


As for the price, it still remains a mystery. The current price of the PS5 is €550, while the launch price was €500. It is likely that the Slim version costs €499 in order to restore the price it had at launch. It is also expected that there is no stock problem, since the distribution of the PlayStation 5 has improved a lot in recent months.

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