Many Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons have been confirmed, with promotional material revealing many weapons, some returning from Breath of the Wild. some newly added as part of Tears of the Kingdom. We’ll cover all of the ones we’ve seen mentioned below, which ones seem superior so far, and how you can get the best weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, based on everything we know so far at the moment. of the editorial staff.

All weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so far

(Image credit: Nintendo)

we listed all Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons that have been officially revealed so far, some of which are familiar, some of which are not. We haven’t included fused weapons, but we’ll discuss them briefly later.

Please note that any weapon marked with a (BOTH) sign is the one we saw in the previous game. If not marked as such, it is at least partially original.

  • farmer pitchfork (BOTH)
  • long stick
  • old wooden shield
  • Tree branch (BOTH)
  • Wooden stick

we have also seen images of axes and bomb throwing devices, among others, but our information about them is limited and we do not know the names or details of these weapons. We’ll update this list as more weapons are revealed, but clearly the focus is less on the weapons you find and more on the weapons you find. TO DO.

weapon fusion

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Fusing weapons with the new Fuse ability is a cool feature, with which Link can improve or modify the armament by fusing it with other equipment. We went into more detail about this on our page regarding Zelda Tears of the Kingdom fusions and fusion ability, but the idea is that players will be able to fuse weapons together or fuse weapons with other materials to change their operation.

As a consequence, looks like the best weapons in the game are probably fusions – combine the most powerful weapons in terms of numbers with special materials and other weapons to improve their strengths and nullify their weaknesses. Not only that, but you can also create specialized fusions to specifically deal with the enemies you’re fighting. – so the best weapons can be very circumstantial and situational in this game.

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