The first quarter of 2023 was historic for Sony, and they hope that in a year from now they will make history again.

This past dawn, sony shared its relevant financial report on the occasion of the conclusion of its last financial year and the start of the new one, which runs by March 2024. Many interesting facts were given in this report such as the sales success of the PS5, he number of PS Plus subscribers…or things that weren’t suspiciously mentioned like PlayStation VR2 revenue.

However, I’m now going to focus not on the PS5’s huge sales numbers, but on that we expect to have. In fact, it comes from the fact that there is finally more than enough stock of the console and it can be easily obtained, which is why this first quarter of 2023 managed to be the best first quarter of a year in history in terms of console sales. But they want to surpass themselves!

PS5 plans to sell 25 million in the new fiscal year

They were companions of push square those who echoed the news, whose information was obviously revealed by the company itself Sony:

  • In the financial report shared today, they also shared their forecast
  • and I hope that From April 2023 to March 2024, 25 million PS5s will be sold
  • It’s scandalous. And in fact, it would be the year in which the most PlayStations were sold in history
  • If they had achieved this goal, in one year they would have sold more than 60 million PS5, which would be a milestone after 3 and a half years since the launch of the machine

What do you think? Is this a realistic thought or did they overestimate the console? I believe they are able to sell so much, especially when Christmas comes with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and without stock problem.

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