As you probably already know, during the FUT Champions Finals starting today in FIFA 23, we can get exclusive packs from the big leagues thanks to a temporary step group. And since he asks to win matches with a full XI from each competition, I thought it would be interesting to write articles advise very cheap but decent cards for these purposes.

They are very affordable players, most of them don’t even reach 50,000 coins. If you have a high budget in Ultimate Team, I wouldn’t recommend much for normal teams. But for those specific challenges, they might come in handy. Because even if they don’t offer a top performance, they are good for finishing the eleven with someone good without spending a lot.

For example, maybe in your FIFA 23 club you have LaLiga Santander level cards for all positions except for right-back, centre-back and one of the forwards. Well, in this case, you could fill in the gaps commented with De Marcos, Fernando and Ndiaye Fantasy FUT. And so that these articles are not very long, I just make a small comment on each footballer. This is not the typical more detailed assessment that I usually do in other posts.

FIFA 23 – LaLiga jeans for this FUT Champions

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Letters that I would recommend even in competitive models

  • Marcos Fantasy FUT (48,000 on the global market and 49,750 on PC): One of the good deals of FIFA 23 in general, quite interesting side and very low cost. Although if you want to spend even less, Montiel RTFWC would also be valid.
  • Fernando Fantasy FUT (50,500 on the global market and 52,000 on PC): DFC who could be a lot more powerful physically (he’s only 1’83 and his body type is thin), but he still usually delivers because his defensive stats are preferred and that it doesn’t fail in rhythm.
  • Miranda RTTF (33,750 in the world and 30,000 on PC): Like De Marcos Fantasy FUT, he is a very low cost high level winger. He doesn’t surprise in attack but he doesn’t look out of place either, while behind he is one of the most solid in FIFA 23.
  • FUT Koke Birthday (Both builds are currently hovering around 40,000 coins): Balanced midfielder who doesn’t stand out for next to nothing but meets virtually everything. It works well as a box to box, and depending on how proficient you are with the tricks, I recommend one version or another (because one hits five for skill and the other five for bad leg).

Decent for FUT Champions objectives but uninteresting in the normal eleven

  • Mario Hermoso SIF (28,250 worldwide and 35,000 on PC): At just 6’1″, he doesn’t have the strength of other Ultimate Team centrals and I don’t consider him the best. But he’s a great alternative because of its correct rhythm and its interesting defensive statistics.
  • Vinicius SouzaFuture Stars (25,000 on World Market and 28,000 on PC): Limited map with the ball and with a bit of a slow pace, although in his own area he generally conforms due to his physical power and defensive stats.
  • FUT Chukwueze Birthday (28,500 on the global market and 30,000 on PC): Attacker who is weak in the pass and who does not stand out for his definition, but who is good enough to create his own scoring chances. He achieves five stars for bad leg and, thanks to his speed, Balanced Body Type and 78 strength; It is also generally compliant when it comes to riding at top speed.
  • Kluivert Winter Wildcards (20,750 on World Market and 22,000 on PC): One of the weaker options on the list, but if you had to use it, you could use it in the party and it doesn’t clash too much. Although its shooting attributes are weak, it offers at least speed and reaches 86 shots.
  • Ferran Torres RTTF (38,500 in the world and 44,000 on PC): Has lost value over time and is a bit weak in the sprint, barely reaching 95 with Hunter. But he is someone reliable as an assistant, who does not fail in the stars and with a fairly decent ride.
  • Click download to save Fantasy FUT mp3 youtube com (27,250 worldwide and 31,000 on PC): Due to its slim body, dribbling numbers look better on the pitch. So, like Chukwueze, he’s a sticky striker as an assist but works great generating his own chances.

The source of the prices reviewed is and (logically) they could vary when you read this article. I leave you here the list of new FUT Champions Finals rewards. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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