I swear I have a terrible desire for it to open now so that I can visit it

I don’t really like regular amusement parks: if they’re not themed with a franchise that freaks me out, I don’t sacrifice my sanity and peace of mind to ride one of their rides . It’s because of it What happens to me with the new Uncharted attraction at PortAventura is totally the opposite: I’m counting the days until it finally opens because it looks amazing.

The point is that I say this because PortAventura has released a new video of this Uncharted attraction where we can see what your entry will look like. Then I leave you with all the details so that you can also take a look and climb the walls as I do while writing this.

PortAventura’s new Uncharted attraction is spectacular

  • The video in question was posted by own Twitter account of the amusement park
  • In it you can see for a moment what the entrance to the attraction will look like
  • As you may have seen, It will be in the shape of a mine which will be located in one of the theme towns of the amusement park
  • Its doors will open sometimes to be confirmed next year 2023
  • It is the world’s first attraction inspired by an exclusive PlayStation franchise
  • We know it will be a roller coaster, but it has not yet been shown how it will be inside
  • Then I leave you with the aforementioned video so you can watch it with your own eyes.

when the clean Auronplay has disclosed the future existence of this attraction I expected something amazing, but not that much. Now I have mad hype to visit it when it’s finished; something that will happen at some point to be confirmed in the rest of 2023. I’ll keep you posted on any news that arises around all of this in the weeks to come.

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