This third season of The Mandalorian has been much more irregular than the previous ones. As many fans, myself included, have pointed out, sometimes the show initiates a multitude of new plots without solving those already in progress. It’s something that can be done if it doesn’t break the rhythm, but in that case there were several episodes that did just that. That being said, the previous chapter made me doubt the conclusion of this opus, but in the end it pleasantly surprised me.

An action-packed final episode

  • The last episode of The Mandalorian manages to complete all his plots.
  • We are finally witnessing the reconquest of Mandalore, as well as the total unification of its people.
  • Logran Din and Bo-Katan defeat Moff Gideon again and save the day.
  • Grogu becomes an apprentice and Mando decides to formally adopt him.
  • Finally, the third episode makes sense.

First of all I want to talk about reclaiming Mandalore, something he says will take longer, due to the size of the planet and the distribution of the Mandalorians. Well, after the battle with Moff Gideon, they manage to drive out the imperial forces and take control of their homeland. Then they seem to start settling in and I guess we will see the progress of your civilization in the next season.

Secondly, it seems that Grogu played a very secondary role in the plot, since, although he has somewhat more useful powers, continue to be a baby who can barely communicate. I am aware this is because your species matures much more slowly, but I am of the opinion that there should be a time jump soon or your character will be very stuck.

Grogu needs to grow and progress.

Finally, it seems that all this time, Moff Gideon’s plan was clone himself multiple times, creating new versions of himself that could use the force. This explains the bizarre third episode of the season, which focused on Dr. Pershing, the person in charge of developing this technology. That said, clones they lack the protection needed to stop Din, who quickly takes care of themdestroying the villain’s dreams.

Mission accomplished

One of the main problems The Mandalorian had after its third installment was of its own making. Halfway through the series, there was so many moving parts, that I quickly wondered how they were going to be able to solve them. The answer is quite simple: rush. And it is that, although the conclusion of the season is satisfying, epic and very beautifulthere are some aspects that happened too quickly.

mandalorian ceremony
The season should have focused more on reclaiming Mandalore.

One of the most problematic concerns the Gideon clones subplot, which has been brewing since season 1. The fact that Din can disrupt their defenses with relative ease and destroy them without any resistance is a little disappointing. As I said in my previous review, I think a new villain would have been much more interesting. In this case, a Moff Gideon capable of using the Force would be a much tougher challenge for the protagonists.

a stellar end

The Mandalorian season 3
Pedro stands out once again in the role of protective adoptive father.
  • Overall, I feel like I’m very critical of the show, but that’s because I saw their potential and I think they can do things better.
  • That being said, there are a lot of positives in the Season 3 finale as well.
  • The staging, the special effects and the battles we see compete with some of the films of the saga.
  • Also, the music is great and the performances gave me goosebumps.

The future of The Mandalorian

For the first time since its debut, The Mandalorian had a very quiet conclusion, in which Din is seen as a father. He and Grogu move into a small house in Navarro and it seems they will try to avoid the hectic dangers they have been so frequently exposed to. Now that they’re family, Mando works for the New Republic and Grogu is a full apprentice, seems like the perfect time for a time jump that shows us Grogu’s future.

The Mandalorian Date
Now that Moff Gideon is dead, who knows what new threat the Din family will face.

It is very possible that the two characters reappear in the Ahsoka serieswhich opens this summer, similar to his role in Bobba Fett’s book. Having said that, I think this season has been very good, but also very irregular and I can’t help but wonder why the third episode was needed.

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