Jonathan Majors has been in the news for a few weeks, having recently been arrested in New York following an alleged ‘domestic violence’ incident involving a 30-year-old woman.

Although details of this incident have not been released at this time, various Majors-related entertainment companies have not taken the allegations lightly and have begun to distance themselves and disconnect from the actor, including the talent agency that represents him, Entertainment360.

As reported by Deadline, the company dropped Majors as a client, following in the footsteps of PR firm Lede Company, which also distanced itself from Majors in late March following the incident.

Neither company has commented on this decision. What we do know is that Majors is scheduled to appear in front of a judge on May 8, where the multiple charges of harassment and assault will be heard. Also the actor’s Marvel continuity is on the line, and there are rumors that he could leave his current role (with big plans for the future) of the villain. Kang the Conqueror.

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