“Spy x Family” is by far one of the most popular new anime to release in recent years. The Forger family burst onto the scene in full force, sure to grab the attention of action fans and those looking for a little more slice-of-life style. But are there more anime similar to this one in terms of concept? The answer is yes, and today I bring them closer to all of you.

dads friends

Certainly my highest recommendation if one wants to find an anime similar to “Spy x Family”. Because? Well, the truth is that both animes have A LOT in common:

  • They both revolve around two parents with “secret” jobs taking care of a daughter.
  • In the case of Buddy Daddies, both parents are assassins.
  • Also similar, one of Buddy Daddies’ parents is more socially weird than the otheras would be the situation of Yor, for example.
  • Both combine slice-of-life scenes and humor with the little ones in the house plus other memorable action moments.

A notable change between “Buddy Daddies” and “Spy x Family” is that the tone of the first story can end up being much more serious and dramatic than the second. In any case, I strongly recommend it not only because of their resemblance, but also because in the end “Buddy Daddies” knows how to distinguish themselves.

The Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare

Another anime that I personally loved at the time. “The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting” once again takes up this formula of letting a little girl in the care of a person with a “doubtful” character, in this case a member of the yakuza who was best known for being a savage. And yes, in this anime everything works perfectly too.

It’s possible that “The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting” is more like “Buddy Daddies” than “Spy x Family” due to the way it handles its plot, since the first two are more than ‘cure’ adults by inserting a baby girl into their lives. However, they all share the same base: killer/spy/thug + little girl + slice of life/humor moments + some action scenes. And yes, in their own way all stories end up working.


Hinamatsuri” is a HIGHLY recommended anime among all those who have enjoyed “Spy x Family”, and for the obvious: once again, we have a girl (in this case looking more like a teenager) whose care falls to a “gray” member of society, in this case a Yakuza. Of course, what “Hinamatsuri” does that previous recommendations haven’t is this: supernatural powers.

Because in “Spy x Family”, at the end you have to remember that Anya has the special ability to read people’s minds.. Well, in “Hinamatsuri”, this is elevated to another level, and the story’s protagonist has powers closer to “Mob Psycho 100” than anything else, sincerely. Plus, in case there’s any doubt, “Hinamatsuri” is an anime that’s full of slice-of-life moments that end up being hilarious.

Kaguya-sama: Love is war

No, there’s no little girl involved here, but yes, they’re still two anime that share a lot of similarities. Surely more than one is with a slightly arched eyebrow right now, but really there is arguments to suggest “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” if we like “Spy x Family”:

  • Both anime assume that the protagonists have secrets they cannot share. In Kaguya’s case, it’s love they feel, and in Spy x Family’s case, it’s their occupation.
  • The character design is similar: Loid and Shirogane share these characteristics of blond hair and light eyes while Kaguya and Yor have this “pale” complexion and brown skin..
  • Due to the nature of the story, both stories have many moments of humor, slices of life and absurd intrigues that make everyday life something that becomes completely implausible.

And if anyone still isn’t convinced the only thing I can really do is tell them to give it a shot because anyway the reality is that these two are great anime that pass the time.

main princess

Another spy anime for the collection, in this case quite more focused on mission accomplishment than that slice-of-life approach of “Spy x Family”. Indeed, “Princess Principal” also deals with the need to avoid a war between nationsbut he does so in a more serious tone than that which so distinguishes the experiences of the Forgers.

That’s not to say “Princess Principal” doesn’t count. also with its moments of comedy and even romance. The main difference between the two stories is the approach to the plot and its characters, but in basic terms, they are two works that can be perfectly filled to complement each other.

Full Metal Panic!

The big connection point between “Full Metal Panic!” and “Spy x Family” is, in this case, the figure of its male protagonists. Both are war orphans thrown on a mission to infiltrate society this will mean that, little by little, they will have to reconnect with a part of their being that they had completely left aside.

In general, they share this concept of being action thrillers full of humorous moments often derived from the impact of the secret lives of its main characters. Additionally, both have in Kana and Anya two female characters with the ability to use supernatural abilities, which draws another parallel between their two works.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I don’t understand why I recommend”Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” if you like “Spy x Family”? Very simple: they are both brimming with slice-of-life comedy moments and also featuring great action scenesin the case of dragon anime with absurdly stellar animation.

Because yes, in the paranormal, in “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” you have to a series of dragons pretend to live in society posing as humans. It’s not exactly the same as ‘Spy x Family’, but there’s a double life to keep in mind…right?

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED

And I end the list with another anime from detective touch which, as a curiosity, was created by CloverWorks (those who made the anime “Spy x Family” with Studio Spirit). This is surely the most outlandish suggestion in the whole article (or at least I consider it), but despite that I think there are reasons to be given “The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED” if you like “Spy x Family”.

In this anime, we mainly meet two detectives that they will have to solve some cases, although there is a big difference between them which mainly occurs because we are extremely rich, and we don’t really know how to integrate socially. I tell you, this anime will interest you more than anything if you like the action part of “Spy x Family” and the most ridiculous moments of humor (although there is also room and time for mystery ).

And those are all the suggestions I have for you in case you want to find something similar to “Spy x Family”. Is it possible to recommend another anime? Well, maybe, even if it seems to me that it would already be a question of stretching the gums excessively. Sincerely, With what I left you here, you should have more than enough to last a long season watching anime.

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