The trainer revealed how much money he made from his streaming adventure just a few months ago

Don’t ask me why, since I wouldn’t know the answer to the question, but there’s always a lot of morbidity about how much money famous people make for whatever reason. Listen, I have no interest in these things, but I understand that a lot of other people do, and it seems just as valid to me. This brings me to not being born to investigate this data proactively, but when it’s the influencer who reveals the data as such, the least I can do is share it. And, if I recently told you how much money he makes Auronplay with every video uploaded to YoutubeNow it’s Luis Enrique’s turn.

As you already know, The former Spain national team coach opened a Twitch channel during the Qatar 2022 World Cup to recount their experiences during the competition. Moreover, he said at the time that all the money he raised with this movement would be donated to a charitable foundation. Well, Luis Enrique himself has already revealed all this information and I leave you below:

How much did Luis Enrique earn on Twitch?

  • Luis Enrique commented through your Twitter account What all money raised on Twitch has been donated to the Enriqueta Villavechia Foundation
  • This foundation is responsible for carry out various investigations to fight childhood cancer
  • The coach pointed out that the amount he donated was €30,000that’s what he did on the streaming platform during the Qatar 2022 World Cup
  • The period during which you collected this amount of money was a little less than 3 months (from November 1 to January 31)
  • Aired the entire 16 hours and 19 minutes
  • The channel managed to collect the total number of 7640 subscribers
  • I leave them with Luis Enrique’s tweet below in case you want to take a look

What do you think of these numbers? I read you in the comments.

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