Bad Bunny’s warning that completely divided users: “Oh, no…”

Bad Bunny’s warning that completely divided users: “Oh, no…”

bad bunny He has all his fans revolutionized. After his performance at the Coachella Festival 2023 and his appearance with what seems to be his new girlfriend Kendall Jenner, the Puerto Rican has reappeared on social networks to become the protagonist.

And it is that after disappearing from Twitter in January of this year, the interpreter of Tití Me Preguntó returned to his old habits with a warning. “This year I will only put 10 tweets and with that there are already two…”, he says. He had previously tweeted “how good you smell” and, after announcing his warning, “pineapple pizza”.

What does Benito do? Does this mean that his 10th tweet will be accompanied by the release of a new studio album? We’ll have to wait to find out. What is clear is that his words have completely revolutionized users. On the one hand, those who defend the attitude of Puerto Ricans and, on the other, those who do not believe that it is the right one. “Oh, no…”, says one of his fans. “We don’t care,” adds a user. “Me when I want to be interesting”, “I just want a new album” and “No please Benito” are other messages that can be read.

What is clear is that Bad Bunny has the formula to become the protagonist of all media. A few days ago he premiered his first song of 2023. One x100to is his collaboration with the legendary Mexican regional music group Grupo Frontera. With them, he showed that he could immerse himself in any musical style and fill his discography with songs of all kinds.

He was also one of the most mentioned after a controversial fan tweet that surfaced during Bad Bunny’s performance at Coachella that involved Harry Styles. But it seems that everything is already cleared up.

And you, do you really think he will only post 10 tweets in the rest of the year?

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