Leo Rizzi Over the years, it has become the new generation of national pop that is on the rise. Like many others, TikTok and Instagram allowed her to unleash her musical talents and the rest was only a matter of time. Because when there is creative talent, composition and a lot of desire, success ends up knocking at your door. The musician born in Ibiza has achieved this thanks to songs that strongly mark the one who listens to them. His incredible voice sounds as good in his studio version as we could enjoy in LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023.

There, the artist performed a medley with two of his best-known songs. One with a long career already in the charts, poppiesand another who is called to follow in his footsteps in this year 2023: We won’t always have Paris. A whole declaration of intent which, despite what one might think of its title, is an electric, catchy and highly danceable song.

This is not the first time that Leo Rizzi has taken part on the LOS40 Primavera Pop stage. In fact, it’s already his second participation after the 2022 edition. He even becomes an artist who has had the most appearances at the biggest musical event of the spring since last year and this year he made a double . Madrid and Rubí already know what it’s like to enjoy the bloom of their live poppies.

And the audience that filled both the Wizink Center in Madrid and L’Escardivol de Rubí was delighted to be able to shout the performer’s best-known songs at the top of their voices. The decibel level inside the pavilion and outside the Catalan city reached one of the highest levels of the night when the performer took the stage.

Leo Rizzi’s greatest hits rang out loud and live at LOS40 Primavera Pop Madrid 2023. The young singer-songwriter from Ibiza has one of the most magical and extraordinary voices on the pop scene, which he amply demonstrated during his performance at the festival, delighting the audience. . For all this he was the winner of the Breakthrough Artist Award at the 2022 LOS40 Music Awards.

Press play to enjoy!

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