Dota 2 released its huge update new frontierswhich brings with it an expanded map and some significant gameplay changes, and we get a preview of all the new features.

While the lane locations and sizes remain the same, the terrain on the map has been expanded resulting in a 40% increase in size with new upper and lower jungle areas.

In this area there are 12 new campsites follow-up and two new outposts. Neutral streaks now scale over time, but drop tokens that provide five neutral item options and can be spread across an entire team.

In addition, Roshan has moved, occupying one of the two pits in the northwest and southeast corners of the map at the same time. There are changes to Roshan’s drops, as well as buffs to increase his tanking. There are also new observers around the map that can be activated for better vision control. If a team kills Roshan, all observers go under his control.

Additionally, powerful new neutral creeps known as Tormentors will spawn after 20 minutes and drop Aghanim Shards on death, though they also grow more powerful with each respawn.

Many new structures have also been added. There are two gates that connect the corners of the map and allow players to teleport, as well as Lotus Pools near where the creeping waves initially collide. Fruit can be collected from these pools, granting mana and HP when consumed. It can be stored and combined into larger fruits for larger late-game restoration.

New defender gates allow teams to sneak through the back door of their base if the front is under siege. There are also new shield runes on the river, which grant a shield of up to 50% HP, as well as wisdom runes on the edges of the map which grant bonus XP.

A new Glicko system for ranked matchmaking has been introduced, bringing variable MMR gains, as well as an overhaul to immortal rank matchmaking. The kill formula has been reworked, making early kills more rewarding and impactful, and the gold scaling for lane drags has been lowered.

Additionally, a new base stat group has been added to the game known as Universal Heroes. Muerta, Clinkz, Arc Warden, Ogre Magi, Medusa and Alchemist heroes have been extensively reworked.

Finally, the Black King Bar item has been reworked and several new items have been added. There are a number of UI updates, in particular the health display features, the duration of almost all forms of in-game kills has been reduced, and many other small tweaks have been made to the heroes, items and creeps. .

For a more detailed look at each new feature and addition, find the announcement post here.

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