The Fifth Stage or the Argentine Talent Factory: from Duki to Paulo Londra, via Trueno and WOS

The Fifth Stage or the Argentine Talent Factory: from Duki to Paulo Londra, via Trueno and WOS

Music is constantly evolving. New artists are born, new sounds, and what was fashionable yesterday is forgotten the next day. The immediacy of social media is pushing the industry forward at breakneck speed. The urban and Latin genre is positioned for the first time as the most listened to music in the world, in fact, for the first time in history, Latin music has been number one worldwide on streaming platforms. Trap and reggaeton break down barriers and put an end to all stereotypes.

The songs in Spanish are marked by several proper names, among which, stand out Duki, Bizarrap, Bad Bunny or Rauw Alejandro. Artists born in poverty who, thanks to work and music, managed to get off the streets and become number one in the world.

On the global urban scene, there is a unique and remarkable case. The Argentinian scene has been one of the most popular in recent years and surprisingly many of them come from the same place, from the Fifth step. But what is it ?

The fifth stage was the most important cockfighting competition in Argentina. Based in Buenos Aires, it took place on Sundays between 2012 and 2017. Artists of the stature of Duki, Bizarrap, Ysy A, Dani Ribba or Paulo London. The amount of talent that was in this competition is incredible, and it has established itself as the birthplace of all these up-and-coming artists.

One of the creators was Pass it. “What became clear at the country level was that ultimately no brands, no sponsors or any state aid was needed to do something organic and created by the community,” a- he underlined in an interview with Télam. Another of the creators was Alejo, with the artistic name Ysy A which is widely recognized around the world.

Next, we’ll tell you about other great artists who came out of stage five that you didn’t know about.


It seems unbelievable but Trueno, named Mateo, started fighting when he was 5 years old. This is a special case since his father was a rapper, so from an early age he drank Rap and started Freestyle from an early age. His 10-year-old videos competing with much older boys have gone viral on the networks. Thanks to this modality, it has gained significant fame in South America. Later, he started touring around the world and ever since he released his first song, he has been one of the most searched artists.


Acru is another of the big names in the tournament. Although not as high profile, it was one of the most acclaimed. Thanks to an innate talent with a unique style, he made his mark on the stage. Although he is not a world star today, he is one of the precursors of the Argentine scene and has millions of views on digital platforms.

Tiago PZK

Tiago PZK is another very young participant. He got his start in rap thanks to Eminem and gradually made a name for himself on the scene. underground. He was one of the few to be recognized as a freestyler and a musician practically at the same time thanks to his song Sun, in which he tells the story of his drug and alcoholic father who harassed his mother.

Dani Ribba

Dani Ribba started very young and stood out for his versatility and fluidity. He quickly became a reference by the depth of his words. However, in February 2019, Dani announced that he was officially retiring from freestyle rap competitions. The Argentinian MC said he made this decision to devote more time to his musical career.


Next to Duki and Paulo London, WOS is probably the most talented musically. His songs of international significance go beyond the urban genre: they are a critique of society and he has great musical versatility, since he has played with many instruments since he was little. In Spain, he has collaborated with independent bands like Vetusta Morla, stepping out of his comfort zone and dedicating his success in our country. Like everyone else, he started Freestyle and stood out for his ingenuity and his youth. He became one of the best in the world but gave up battles for a recording career.

Lit Killah

Name MauroLit Killah quickly gained notoriety for his double-tempo speed and wit, qualities which earned him the nicknames “Machine Gun” and “Tomato Mode” because, since 2016, he went from place to place until he reached El Quinto Escalón. Later he began to release songs both solo and thanks to his collaborations with artists such than Duki or Nicki Nicole, he established himself as an artist.

What is the key to Argentina’s success?

All these artists share talent, enthusiasm and come from poverty with complicated lives. They found in music a refuge and a family. The union of all was the driving force that united an entire country. Argentina is proud of this movement and that is why it blindly supports it. Having an entire country behind you is something that hardly happens anywhere else.

The artists, knowing their audience and their fans, constantly gave their opinion to their fans. They support each other and multiply collaborations. They all collaborated with everyone, regardless of fame. When Duki started to become famous, he collaborated with Lit Killah to give him prestige, when he became more famous, he collaborated with another and so on. Therefore, they were all growing little by little.

Who is your favorite Argentinian artist?

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