The directors of ‘All at once everywhere’ already have an unexpected and galactic new project

The directors of ‘All at once everywhere’ already have an unexpected and galactic new project

You can win the Oscar on the very Steven Spielberg quite an achievement, even if what follows is an avalanche of new projects. Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan They are already the most searched namesakes in Hollywood in this 2023, and it looks like they will continue to be through their next project.

The cinematographic epic that meant all at once everywhere beyond the big screen has taken them to a story that goes beyond the undeniable quality of the film itself – much smaller budget than today’s blockbusters and with proportionally brutal success – making their career more attractive. So much so that they were duped by “the dominant machinery”.

At least that’s what their fans said, who were the most critical when they heard the news: the directors would take charge of the new series of star warsbut with certain nuances. In fact, the proposal came to them long before the premiere of the multiversal film of yore, so the irony marked Kwan’s post:

“Lol, anyone who mentions us worried that we’re being swallowed up by the ‘corporate machine’ can relax. Those headlines are always misleading.” one of them clarified, then explaining that they could not deny an opportunity that would allow them to learn new technologies, discover new equipment and maintain their social security; besides loving star wars. “It was a very easy ‘yes’ to say,” he says.

Of course, he clarifies that they are not working on a full season, but that they will be in charge of a single episode. In this way—regardless of the fact that it may have already been filmed—his gaze is not limited only to the universe of george lucas, but they continue with their plans. In fact, it confirms that viewers can stop worrying and disturbing you, since his next film will be an original project by the Daniels.

In regards to Skeleton crew

Little is known of Skeleton crewthe new galactic series from Disney+ which is expected for the end of this year 2023. If it is true that this secret is not new for Lucasfilm – the directors of The Mandalorian they only met shortly before its premiere—, known only to be located five years after return of the jedi and that it will have a tone similar to 80s Amblin movies.

Fans, already more relaxed by the Daniels’ confessions, can only wait to see how they’ve left their mark on the piece of galaxy that this new series represents. And, of course, the countdown to his next film begins; which may easily be one of Hollywood’s most anticipated projects following its Oscar success.

Skeleton crew premieres in late 2023 on Disney+.

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