In the year that marks two decades since the launch of you can count on me of Van Gogh’s earthe band is having one of its finest moments in the streaming era. With almost 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he is the eighth most listened to Spanish artist in our country and the first in number if we only take into account the bands.. Quite a feat for a group that has been on stage for over 25 years.

He’s in great shape, but not just because of his breeding numbers. To the posters of sold-out tickets from their concerts and festivals are also joined the great anthems that have accompanied young and old for years, as well as the viralization of their songs on TikTok and the growing tendency of young artists to make their own versions of their hits.

And that’s because we’ve already talked more than once about the tendency to do covers of great classics from the early 2000s, but Of all the songs, one stood out from the rest last year: you can count on me.

Maria Escarmiento

The first in recent months to make this issue an indivisible part of her identity was María Escarmiento. The Madrid native released her own electronic version of the song at the end of October 2022, having sung it months before as part of her performance at Barcelona Pridesharing it as a preview of his first album, witch things.

From, you can count on me It became his most streamed song on Spotify.putting her back in the limelight with exposure similar to the one she received after she left Operation Triumph 2018being able to tour multiple dates with full rooms and being part of the poster of some of the most important music festivals of our country.

Abraham Mateo

The man from Cadiz, who in a few days will launch Clavaito (his collaboration with Chanel), also joined the singing fever you can count on me in one of his last performances.

In your case, we cannot enjoy your studio version on the platforms (from here we send you our request); a cover much closer to the sound of the original, although still with the urban touches and the particular timbre that characterize the artist’s music.

Ana Mena

The last to join this trend in her concerts was neither more nor less than Ana Mena. La malagueña, who has declared himself a fan of the group on several occasions, took advantage of the first date of the Bellodrama Tour (April 15 in La Coruña) to give attendees their own version of this classic.

His cover of you can count on meMoreover, he seems to have come to stay, since he took it back to his repertoire during his second appointment a few hours ago at the Sala Razzmatazz in Barcelona. And it is that We can’t think of a more beautiful drama song in Spanish from the past two decades. (courtesy of the songs the band from Estepona featured on this second album, which we love).


Not only some of the artists belonging to this new wave of music in Spanish wanted to cover this theme, but hundreds of users on TikTok wanted to take advantage of the platform to do their own cover: Whether on the guitar, on the piano or in its speed up version, it is clear that it is a song that has remained forever etched in our memories.

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