If there’s anything we’ve learned First date is that every appointment is a world and you never know what guests might surprise you with. Whether it’s her uncontrollable crying that forces the recordings to stop, her eerie innuendos, or the final decisions that take an unexpected turn, the program of media play He always manages to surprise and engage the audience.

This is what happened this Monday in the most famous restaurant on television. New couples visited the encounter to show looking to find love, among them, Chico (Francisco) and Estela. They both came First date with the same intention as all the singles who frequent the restaurant: to find their half and, judging by the first minutes spent together, everything indicated that he was going to fulfill the objective of the program.

The Round of Burning Questions

The aesthetic medicine consultant was so happy that she even dared to ask the waitresses the scratch of the spicy questionsa request that was not long in coming: “I’m having such a good time with you that I want them to bring me the scratch,” said the one from Fuengirola.

And of course, the daring questions were not long in coming: “What gives you the most morbidity?“, insinuated the first question of the scratch that Chico had revealed. “I can’t answer that, I don’t have one. I mean, I have morbidity, but nothing favorite. But having them breathe in my ear makes me sick, I feel embarrassed,” he confessed.

To Estela’s surprise, her date had a sexual fetish that of course she was going to point out: “I love long hair and with heels,” the Sevillian revealed without getting a cut. However, Estela’s answer was not for less either: “The whore who gave birth to me”, she said, throwing her hands on her face. “I’m a heel fetishist, I love heelsNo. It is that it is not paid, ”said the bachelor.

your final decision

It was time to make a decision and, despite a night of ten, it seems that it hadn’t been enough. It had been nice, fun, but maybe something was missing.

Estela and Chico in their final decision. / Four (first date)

Chico didn’t hesitate to accept a second date without thinking about it, however, Estela’s final decision surprised even the program: “Yes, but no”, he first stressed. “I love being with you, we laughed, but I don’t know if I’m ready. Yes, but no, come on, no,” she said.

Faced with this surreal and unexpected response, Chico asked the editorial staff if he should give an answer: “But is it serious now??”, he underlined. After that, Estela ended up regularizing: “Come on, come on, I’ll tell you yes.”

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