The DGT gives the keys to move by bicycle

The DGT gives the keys to move by bicycle

The coronavirus pandemic has changed -and a lot- our way of life and, in addition to having to add a mask to our usual clothing, it has also caused bicycle use to have increased in the last year. And it is that many are those who choose it as a new method of transport, wanting to avoid interiors such as the subway or the bus for fear of contagion. For this reason, and given the increase in cyclists in the big cities, The DGT has left a series of keys or essential tips to circulate safely.

Cyclists are, together with pedestrians or users of personal mobility vehicles, the most vulnerable on Spanish roads. Therefore, to be able to circulate safely on any type of road on which traffic is allowed, it is necessary to put into practice certain tips that the General Directorate of Traffic puts on the table. In fact, even some guidelines are mandatory to be able to ride a bicycle on the street.

Mandatory use of lights

It is one of the mandatory conditions to go out with the bicycle and one of the most essential accessories for the safety of the cyclist on the roads. The DGT establishes that they must be activated between sunset and sunrise, in order to be seen by drivers at a distance greater than 150 meters. But not all of them work, they must be approved by the European Union. Otherwise, they can be sanctioned with a fine.

According to the regulation, the light must be located at the rear of the bicycle, be solid and colored red. In the case of the front, also mandatory, it will have to be white. To this light you must add a reflector of the same color and of any shape as long as it is not a triangle. Among other tips, the DGT indicates that yellow reflectors could be included on the spokes or on the pedals, although in many models they are already included.

Helmet and reflective clothing

Among other mandatory accessories for cycling on Spanish roads, the helmet is an essential condition for your safety. The regulations indicate that, in case of driving on the road it is imperative, But if you are within the city, it will only be mandatory for children under 16 years of age. Of course, being advisable in all situations.

It is also mandatory to carry at least a reflective piece of clothing to circulate between sunset and sunrise, when the light is scarce. A rule that can also be complemented with light clothing. And, despite not being mandatory, the DGT adds two more tips to its list: wearing glasses to avoid dust or insects in the eyes and wearing gloves to protect yourself in falls.