I don’t know if you followed the last that happened compared to Dark and Darker, but the game was removed from Steam temporarily due to a series of legal issues that officials have recently been embroiled in. And, given the fact that at the time I said it could be one of the biggest PC bombings in 2023, I had to tell you exactly what happened to the game, because it shows the bumps it goes through. I leave you with all the details below so you can have the information as close as possible.

What’s going on with Dark and Darker?

  • A few days ago it was discovered that the game uses trumps and part of the Nexon source code
  • The move is that it is suspected that the creators of Dark and Darkers did not have permission to use these elements
  • This resulted in the game being removed from Steam and, as collected by colleagues at the GamingBolt portal, the study comments that it does not believe the thing will be fixed in the short term
  • However, they intend to continue testing the game to launch at some point
  • In fact, right now there is a test of the game active until April 19, but you can only access it if you download it via torrent
  • you can find the official torrent of the game on Dark and Darker’s own Discord
  • For obvious reasons, I will not link in this article to these sites.but since it’s something official, I leave it there for whoever wants to do it

Were you able to try Dark and Darker on PC before it all went down? Now, I don’t know if it will be released in 2023, but if those responsible manage to resolve all the legal issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up becoming a success in the future.

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