The Bar Racing went to the headquarters of the Independiente disguised as ghosts of the B

Less than 24 hours for a new edition of the classic avellanedaabout 20 bars of Races they went to headquarters Independent this saturday dresses the ghosts of B make fun of the situation he is going through Redplunged into an institutional and economic crisis which has obvious repercussions on sport.

The video published by journalist Leandro Adonio Belli, a supporter of the Academiagone viral in recent hours shows how a group of disguised people arrived at the headquarters in Avellaneda at Av. Miter 470 and with black flares (to simulate a wake) sang songs against the red square.

This incitement to violence comes just before the classic between the two teams which will be played on Sunday at the stadium Liberators of America – Ricardo Enrique Bochini and that, as has long been the case in Argentine football, it will be played without an audience. It will also be part of a complex situation for the local team which will see the debut of Ricardo Zielinsky as a coach.

It is that Independiente suffered this week the resignation of Fabian tomorrow as club president and there have been threats against him and others linked to the institution, including former players who are on trial for debt. To all this is added that the Red they have won only one game in 11 dates in the Professional League and if they lose they could be the last in the table, in a season that has a drop for whoever occupies this area at the end of the year, in addition two on average.

It is precisely for this reason that these bars have dressed up as Ghost of B, a character used in football culture to anticipate the possible relegation of a team to the second category.

For the meeting, the assembly of a super operative which will have 770 soldiers and some very striking features. The first thing that stands out is that for a classic without an audience, the streets of Avellaneda will be populated by 650 men from Buenos Aires, which is a significantly higher number than other classics in which the number usually did not exceed 450. But they also hired 120 people from private security companies to reinforce all control inside the stadium.

The stadium gates will open at 1:30 p.m., but the entire Libertadores perimeter will be closed from 10 a.m. The Police do not want people to turn around early which could complicate the climate in the precedent, especially when there is a call from certain groups who do not agree with the current board to meet before the meeting to express their unease at present as the Red.

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