The brutal attack by Los Angeles police on a Latino who was pulled from the car

The brutal attack by Los Angeles police on a Latino who was pulled from the car

Images posted on social media show how several Los Angeles police officers in California beat up a Hispanic driver, who was arrested in his car for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Samuel Chavez Reyes, 35, was arrested and charged with misdemeanors while resisting a police arrest in Palmdale. The information was provided by the spokesman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney Ricardo Santiago.

Richard Maguire, the man of Palmdale who recorded what happened, said that he did not observe anything that explained the reasons for the violent beatings of Chávez.

That officer had just arrived”, he recounted, “stop, run out of the car, and start hitting the lord right there”.

In addition, Maguire indicated that he saw Chávez receiving a strong electric shock inside and outside his vehicle with a stun gun.

According to information, the incident occurred after five in the afternoon last Saturday in the parking lot of a liquor store.

In the images, two officers are first observed detaining Chávez, who was in the front seat of his parked car. After about 45 seconds, another officer rushes to the scene and begins punching the man, who was still in the driver’s seat. Another cash runs to the vehicle and stares at the event.

Subsequently, Chávez is seen lying on the ground next to the vehicle and with six officers around him. Several gather on top of him and at least one sits on top to hit him repeatedly.

A woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was also seen filming the episode and screaming desperately. Even three more people were watching the incident from afar.

After a few seconds, an officer removes the woman from the vehicle with her arms behind her back. Immediately, Chávez is taken from the scene in handcuffs, with a torn shirt, low pants and tied feet.

The attorney for Chávez, Bradley Gage, stated that “the viewer of the video can see that the force used was not objectively reasonable”.

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