Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente have broken up: we present to you their possible new illusion

Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente have broken up: we present to you their possible new illusion

This is what they say from ‘Socialité’

They seemed to be the new couple of the summer. But love, if there ever was one, has been short-lived. Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente have broken their supposed romantic relationship, as indicated by a source close to the already ex-partner to the ‘Socialité’ program.

They are not together anymore. They have seen quite a bit this summer, but to this day they do not have a relationship”,has sentenced the confidant of María Patiño’s program.

In addition, the same confidant regrets that the media pressure that the singer and the host have suffered since their alleged romantic relationship became known could have thwarted any attempt to take their bond to the next level.

They were getting to know each other, and with the press behind there”, has pointed out the source of ‘Socialité’.

Of course, this person in question assures that still “they are friends” and that “they have become very fond of each other”, which would explain the presence of Sara Carbonero at the last Kiki Morente concert: “She likes his music and they have a good relationship”.

The possible new illusion of Sara Carbonero

LA RAZÓN published early this morning that the presenter has a new intimate between their closest circle. It’s about Adrián Torres, Lara Álvarez’s ex-boyfriend, with which the presenter of Radio Marca maintains a close relationship.

This medium has learned that both have been seen spending time together in Cádiz, the land to which Toledo traveled to attend Kiki Morente’s concert.

It seems that, once there, she also took some time to meet with Adrián Torres, an attractive artist whose style seems to have fallen in love with Sara Carbonero. As proof of this good harmony between them, it is worth noting that both follow each other on their social networks and exchange numerous ‘likes’ and loving comments.

In fact, the journalist has published a recent photograph in what appears to be the artist’s workshop. From ‘Socialité’ they can’t help but wonder: is this Sara Carbonero’s real new boyfriend? Only time will tell.

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