Fans are speechless at the relationship of the actors of Guille and Teté

Let’s be honest: the reunion of The Serranos announced by Telecinco It was an absolute disaster. I’m not just talking about the audience (just over 200,000 viewers and 6.2% share), but also about a useless special with Daniel Ecija, creator of the series, and without its main protagonists. Better for the new version of ‘1 plus 1 is 7‘, theme that covered Francois Perea next to Despistaos and in which all Serrano’s actors appear.

Beyond the figures, this meeting of The Serranos It has served to talk about its many protagonists. For example, we all become addicted to plots of Guille there head, the show’s half-siblings who ended up falling in love and starting a relationship, no matter how surprised their family and friends were. But fans went further, and confused reality with fiction: some of us have come to think that its actors, Víctor Elías and Natalia Sánchez, are a couple in real life.

This is the real relationship between Víctor Elías and Natalia Sánchez, Guille and Teté in Los Serrano

It’s obvious that Victor Elias there Natalia Sanchezwho were more or less the same age, shared a lot of time on the set of The Serranos and in the recording of the two studio albums of SJK (Santa Justa Klan)the music group born from the series of Telecinco. But that didn’t make the two a couple, no matter how much fan imagination did its job.

Now, we can say that the best relationship that was born from The Serranos is he who is born between Victor Elias there Natalia SanchezBecause there are relationships beyond love, relationships of friendship that last a lifetime. The series helped create a bond between them that is still present today, but nothing like the romance that many of you imagined.

The Serranos allowed Natalia Sánchez and Víctor Elías to meet; they are friends 20 years later

Guille and Teté from Los Serrano today

Such Natalia Sanchez as Victor Elias they each have their own life; both have a partner, being Marc Coltet boyfriend of the actress who gave life to head In The Serranos. Besides, Natalie there Mark They have two children, so their life is more than on track. As for Victor, I leave you with an article below in which I talk in more detail about him and his life at the moment. But… Isn’t it wonderful to talk about two friends who met on set and who still are 20 years later?

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