black clover“It’s an anime that has had pluses and minuses during its broadcast, that’s undeniable, but what must also be recognized is that the home stretch of it has raised production to the point that many regretted that it stopped indefinitely. For this, and considering that at this point a return date for the broadcast of the anime has not been reported, today I decided to bring you a series of anime similar to “Black Clover” that you might be interested in.


To start there is no more obvious bet As for anime similar to “Black Clover” that one of the greatest hits in the entire history of Japanese animation: “naruto“. Why do I say that if you have seen one anime, you should also see the other? The truth is that I have no shortage of reasons.

First of all, it must be said that Naruto and Asta are two drops of wateryes, the latter being a little stronger: these are characters who have a big dream in which practically everything around them bothers them. Also, they start out not being extremely talented to show that they have some very unique qualities. As if that weren’t enough, Yami and Jiraiya are that kind of unorthodox teacher who leaves a mark on the protagonist. Come on, if you haven’t seen “Naruto” for some reason, but “Black Clover” you know where to go.

Naruto is one of the most iconic anime that has ever existed.

my hero academia

We continue with the protagonist who has everything against him to realize his dream in “My Hero Academia”, another huge success of JUMP which, in this case, places us in the world of superheroes. And yes, the same way no one trusts Naruto or doubts Asta, it’s hard to imagine there’s much hope in someone like him. Deku, who was born first as a rare case of a human without superpowers.

Other qualities that “My Hero Academia” saves from “Black Clover” are, for example, this presence of a large organization which the protagonist joins to begin the path towards his great goal. Also, here again, we find the existence of a mentor who teaches the main character some of the most important lessons who ends up learning You won’t fail with “My Hero Academia” if you’re a fan of “Black Clover”.

my hero academia anime
My Hero Academia, the most famous superhero anime of all time


One of the most recent proposals, launched in 2023, is “Mashle”. All of the previous anime on this list have elements of humor as a companion to their epic story, but in “Mashle”, the reality is that the central element is above all the comedy. In fact, such is the case that it seems that the main attraction of “Mashle” is to be a kind of parody of the same “Black Clover” and also of “Harry Potter”.

Interestingly, Mash, the protagonist of “Mashle”, shares something very special with Asta: They are people without a single iota of magical power in a world dominated by magic, and to compensate for this lack, they both train their bodies to take them beyond human limits.. Not only that, but despite this limitation, the two struggle to achieve the highest position in the organization they are part of. Two drops of water let’s go, if it wasn’t because one makes fun of the other.

Fairy tale

If what you love about “Black Clover” is the magical ‘guild’ theme, the values ​​for which Asta always fights and how he never gives up anything, then “Fairy Tail” is another proposition that you should definitely give a chance. Indeed, this work is one of those that enjoyed enormous popularity a few years ago, and still appears in the shonen conversations that viewers liked the most.

Also, unlike “My Hero Academia” and “Mashle”, “Fairy Tail” is one of those in April 2023 it’s already a story over. This means you can follow Natsu’s adventures from start to finish without worrying about having to wait months or even years for the story to continue.

A play

Another typical recommendation in terms of shonen-like anime, but the reality is that if you like “Black Clover”, chances are you’ll like “One Piece” too. At the end, Luffy and Asta share many personality qualities, being two extremely stubborn characters.with strong ideals and who never give up despite the adversity they face.

As in the other recommendations, something that the universes of “One Piece” and “Black Clover” also share is that they have dozens and dozens of characters that feature the most unique special abilities. For this reason, it is common for the fights to be one of the main attractive points of both works.

One Piece Luffy
One Piece is a legendary story in the anime industry

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter” is, at this point, another great classic of shonen-like anime, which is why we can also recommend it in case you are looking for something similar to “Black Clover”. Both are complete stories Or combat and special abilities They go deeper as the plot progresses, which means there are always unforgettable scenes for fans.

Similarly, “Hunter x Hunter” also features this “protagonist” contrast in which Gon, the main character, is of a much more outgoing nature than Killua, the one who becomes his best friend. It’s a similar storyline to Asta and Yuno, plus other supporting characters obviously come into play as well, greatly expanding the lore.


“Bleach” is a classic among classics, an absolute reference and a member of that great trio along with “One Piece” and “Naruto” which followed “Dragon Ball” after the latter became a before and after for shōnen. . In “Bleach”, in addition to the characteristic elements of the shonen, some are a particular characteristic that it shares with “Black Clover”: an organization led by a series of captains.

As in “Black Clover” we find that the Magic Knights are divided into several squads led by a captain, in “Bleach”, the same thing happens with Soul Society Shinigami Squads. In other words, if while watching “Bleack Clover” you enjoyed discovering the captains, their abilities and their different companions, in “Bleach” you will find the same process.

Bleach TYBW Ichigo
Bleach has the organization most similar to what exists among the Wizard Knights of Black Clover

blue exorcist

Again, in “Blue Exorcist” we find this duo of main characters with one much more lively than the other, but with the difference that in this case they are actually brothers. Although well, we could consider Yuno and Asta as brothers really. Either way, the problem is that if you like having a high-energy protagonist and a quieter rival, you’ll find it here.

On the other hand, whereas in “Black Clover”, he does not appear demon theme In addition to Asta’s relationship with them until a few episodes have passed, in “Blue Exorcist” it is a focal point from the first moment. Not only that, but the protagonist also uses a sword as a combat weapon.

blue exorcist anime
Blue Exorcist also shares these qualities of Black Clover weapons and demons.

And with these recommendations, you should have hundreds of chapters to have a good season. Obviously I’m aware that many have already seen many of the anime or almost all of the many I’ve listed, but those getting into anime as part of new gen would do well to take a look into the past, because “Black Clover” has just been able to drink like a charm among several of the references listed here.

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